Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. What’s not to love? The actress stars in the new Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet,” which has been shrouded in some mystery. What we do know is that it looks to be a zombie show that Barrymore sinks her teeth into. Here’s some of what else is streaming in February. Hide Caption 1 of 34 Photos: Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum star in this film about male strippers based on Tatum’s own experiences in the field.

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Episode 1 50 Shades of Cynthia Kenya returns home from vacation with big news. Kandi ‘s business continues to boom. Porsha struggles with letting people back into her life. At Cynthia’s fiftieth birthday party, things heat up when Nene comes face to face with a former friend. A few of the ladies attend Shamea’s bridal shower where Porsha gets called out for being a shady best friend.

Episode 3 Chateau Get Down Porsha loses yet another friend.

Jan 30,  · Relationships & Dating 10 hours ago. Humor & Offbeat 17 minutes ago. Entertainment & Pop Culture 32 minutes ago. Sports If you keep up with your shows on regular hulu, hulu+ is not worth it. I have another con for Hulu Plus. The layout sucks, at least when I .

Syndication[ edit ] The first four series entered weekday broadcast syndication in the majority of United States markets on September 13, , with episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County. More episodes of Orange County and an encore of Atlanta finished off the season. The game, now discontinued, was accessed as a Facebook application. Every week, after a new episode aired on TV, a new story was available on the game. In , The unReal Housewives of Kansas City began airing online on May 13, , and went on to air a total of seven episodes.

Davidson, Flynn and Plas also served as writers for the series. The sketch featured the men dressing up as their wives in a parodied version on The Real Housewives franchise. Downs in October

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UnReal ends with a whimper and not a bang. Or is that just me? Aussie fans were told about a week ago that the fourth season of the drama about the behind-the-scenes escapades of a dating show was out unexpectedly early this week — season three only wrapped up in May. UnReal was so lauded in its first year for its daring, thrilling and darkly funny portrayal of its baller female leads in a ridiculous reality TV universe.

But it quickly fell apart during its sophomore year before recovering in season three.

There are shows I’ll remember and look up on Hulu Plus and Netflix, only to find no evidence of it. I found a show called Double Trouble that I loved in the 80s on YouTube, but someone had only posted a couple of episodes of it.

Funny, impatient and politically incorrect, Mindy Lahiri Kaling can quote every romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan that exists. She loves the good ones and the bad ones, because the girl always gets the guy. Mindy is determined to be more punctual, spend less money, lose weight and read more books — all in pursuit of becoming a well-rounded perfect woman…who can meet and date the perfect guy.

He not only shares a practice with Mindy, but sometimes her bed as well — despite her best efforts to resist. He is funny, self-absorbed and super sexy. Gwen is a hilarious, sometimes too-blunt friend, and secretly a former carefree party girl which only Mindy seems to remember. As Mindy attempts to get her career off the ground and meet a guy who passes her red flag test no drug habits, no skinny jeans and no secret families, among others , only time will tell if she gets her romantic comedy ending.

First aired September 25th,

Weekend Stream: The Dating Show Parody to Fill Your ‘Bachelor’ Void

Sep 24, at For those hoping to watch DWTS, but do not have a cable log in, there are several cable-free live streaming options, in addition to other ways to watch the show below. PlayStation Vue PlayStation Vue offers four different channel packages, all of which include ABC available live in select markets, which you can find here. You can sign up for a free trial right here , and you can then watch a live stream of the show on your computer via the DirecTV Now website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the DirecTV Now app.

Common Sense Media editors help you choose Best Kids’ Shows on Hulu. Great options for kids and whole-family viewing streaming on Hulu.

Amazon Prime Bookaboo was designed as a show for kids that inspires families to read together after the TV is turned off. The Chica Show Available on: Amazon Prime, Sprout Chica the chicken and her family, Mr. The Chica Show mixes real and imaginary in a way that preschoolers will love and will help them learn to differentiate the two. Sprout The family-focused Clangers, who resemble cute mice, are a wonderful break from flashy animations and choreographed singalongs.

Clangers offers entertaining stop-motion action set on a moon-like planet with a language all its own but narrated by William Shatner in English. Curious George Available on: Kids love watching Curious George explore the world around him with enthusiasm, and are encouraged to do the same. Daniel Tiger is friendly and welcoming not only to his fellow animals, but when speaking to the kids watching him on TV.

Dinosaur Train Available on: Fireman Sam Available on: Harry the Bunny Available on: This educational TV show includes letters, numbers, social cues and more in its succinct 3 minute stories.

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With some of the most successful creative talent in the world from all areas of entertainment either shooting their projects in or calling Texas home, it is becoming an absolute dream spot for aspiring performers of all ages to make their career launchpad. Search through this extensive category for all of the audition opportunities happening in Texas. Paid Extras for PepsiCo Commercial Are you interested in being in a commercial for one of the biggest food and drink companies in the world?

A Pepsi commercial casting call is looking for you! The company is gearing up to film a new TV spot and extras are now being hired.

The 26 most worthwhile TV shows to watch this fall and this satire of everything from reality television to capitalism is one of the most incisive TV shows on the air. plus a knack for.

Syndication[ edit ] The first four series entered weekday broadcast syndication in the majority of United States markets on September 13, , with episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County. More episodes of Orange County and an encore of Atlanta finished off the season. The game, now discontinued, was accessed as a Facebook application. Every week, after a new episode aired on TV, a new story was available on the game.

In , The unReal Housewives of Kansas City began airing online on May 13, , and went on to air a total of seven episodes. Davidson, Flynn and Plas also served as writers for the series. The sketch featured the men dressing up as their wives in a parodied version on The Real Housewives franchise.

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Follow him on Twitter eatpraylusk to send suggestions for future installments. The cast of Burning Love. The steamy emotional rollercoaster of rose ceremonies, poolside drama and everlasting love seemed only mildly relevant just ten years ago. Today, the ABC show is an institution. Like Game Of Thrones, but with somehow more wine. View but currently streaming in full on Hulu.

Endemol was a Dutch-based media company that produced and distributed multiplatform entertainment content. The company annually produced more than 15, hours of programming across scripted and non-scripted genres, including drama, reality TV, comedy, game shows, entertainment, factual and children’s programming.

Courtesy of Canal Plus. Amazing news, TV lovers of the world: Since we first published this story in , there have been leaps and bounds in the number of streaming platforms offering hours upon hours of programming to binge-watch whenever the mood strikes. Consider this the one-stop menu we’ll be updating every week for your continued viewing pleasure.

You’ve exhausted your Netflix queue, flipped through your entire spectrum of TV channels twice , and seen every season of 30 Rock. It’s tough, but don’t despair.

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There are plenty of reality TV shows out there that are similar to your favorite shows, but with subtle differences—like, say, people with English accents. So grab a spot of tea and start streaming. Each themed episode sees a group of contestants square off to impress expert baking judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with their expertise in creating cakes, tarts, pies, puddings, and more.

Hulu Plus offers hit TV shows and classic movies anytime in HD. Instantly stream any current season episode of top shows like Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and many others. And catch up on full back seasons on series including Lost, Chapelle’s Show and Battlestar Galactica, or explore hundreds of acclaimed movies.

Wondering what your favorite streaming services are adding to their offerings each month? With a new year here and plenty to stream, we understand that things can get a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to watch. Here are the best things coming to your favorite platforms this January. Kick things off with the first installment and follow the Corleones, an organized crime family led by Don Vito Marlon Brando , as the dynasty is transferred into the hands of his reluctant son Michael Al Pacino.

The fifth installment of this nautical franchise sees Sparrow search for the trident of Poseidon while an undead sea captain Javier Bardem and his crew follow close behind. With action, romance, and suspense to boot, this is a fitting potential end to the franchise as we know it. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin return as the eponymous Grace and Frankie, two women who find out their husbands have been romantically involved for the last 20 years. The smart, heartfelt comedy follows three generations of a Cuban-American family coexisting in the same household.

This Bennett Miller-directed film follows Capote as he decides to write about the brutal murder of a Kansas family and forms a relationships with one of the killers. This time around, Meyerism begins to enter the mainstream and Eddie is forced to face the fact that staying in control might not be as easy as he anticipated. Season 3 on Hulu January 17 ] Ingrid Goes West Starring Aubrey Plaza as the unhinged eponymous Ingrid, this bonkers dark comedy sees her move to Los Angeles to stalk a social media influencer named Taylor Elizabeth Olsen and the ensuing chaos that unfolds as her instability becomes more and more apparent.

Ashley I. Finally Landed Her Dream Man Jared and We Can’t Believe It

Click to print Opens in new window This post was originally published in November and was most recently updated in April Why simply marathon a good television show when you could marathon a good television show with some element of bisexuality, homosexuality, pansexuality or otherwise non-heterosexuality buried within it? But being snowed in might be your big chance to get to know our girls!

With a television show.

Yes, Hulu now has a virtual reality social platform. If you use the on demand video service on the Oculus Rift or Gear VR, you can watch movies together with friends. All of you need is your own Hulu subscriptions for regular 2D movies and TV shows, and then degree content is free.

Hulu Plus Login Guide By: While the most popular household name remains Netflix, other providers are catching up with their own range of entertainment media available at a modest monthly subscription price. One of the other reigning kings, however, is Hulu. There are some clear disparities between Hulu and other streaming media providers. On top of this huge variety of available television, the film lineup is constantly rotating—similar to Netflix—and is always fresh and interesting.

Another major difference between Hulu and other providers that users catch onto very quickly is the built-in advertising support. How do you escape it, then? However, Hulu Plus will give you unlimited access to these shows, in addition to allowing you to customize the way that ads show up during your streamed content. Not only is there an entire buffet of available services—even beyond Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu—but each of these services is touting its own, individual libraries of television shows, movies, and other video media.

NBCUniversal’s Hayu streams reality TV overdose as pay TV bundle is reborn

Here are the shows we think are worth enduring the advertisements for: The Simpsons Hulu Twenty-six seasons and counting, The Simpsons is the longest running cartoon family of all-time. The Colbert Report Hulu We’re suckers for incredible reporting and in-depth politics disguised as ironic, dry humor, and no one did that better than Stephen Colbert. A tale of misfits banding together to become the coolest not-so-cool people on campus.

Best movies on Hulu If you’re a lover of classic cinema, there’s no better streaming service than Hulu. With access to the entirety of The Criterion Collection, there’s an insane amount of amazing cinematography at your fingertips:

Plus, the show was co-created by a woman, Gloria Calderon Kellett, and more than half of the series’ episodes were also directed by women.” — Kelsea Stahler, Senior Entertainment Editor.

History[ edit ] Endemol was founded in by a merger of television production companies owned by Joop van den Ende and John de Mol , the name deriving from the combination of their surnames. One notable success has been the Big Brother reality television show, with versions in many countries after the initial Dutch version. Other examples include Deal or No Deal sold to over 75 countries , The Money Drop sold in over 50 countries , Fear Factor sold in 30 countries and Wipeout sold in over 30 countries.

In November the company launched Endemol Beyond, an international division specialising in original content for digital video platforms such as YouTube. Most recently, in December , Endemol became a shareholder in Israel ‘s Channel 2 franchisee Reshet , following the acquisition in April of a controlling share in the Israeli independent producer Kuperman, which is now Endemol Israel.

The name took effect on 1 January It has been in operation since Their worst faring franchise by far is The One which was canceled after four episodes. Fear Factor was canceled after six seasons; its first season is out now on DVD. Both programs are wildly popular and highly rated. It is based on Endemol’s successful Participation TV format. Midnight Money Madness was canceled in October after 32 episodes, in which its successor, Take the Cake , premiered 9 July , and Show Me the Money was canceled in December after only five episodes aired.

In June , Endemol picked up the distribution rights to the TV Land sitcom ” Hot in Cleveland “, which it will distribute internationally. This marked the first time that Endemol has acquired an American-produced scripted series.

Love, Lust, Drama, and Heartbreak — ‘Coupled’ Will Be Your New Reality TV Obsession!