Quote I guess the DR suggested to Amanda to talk to Aaryn about her racist comments and it totally backfired. Last night on BBAD Aaryn was all upset about how Amanda was telling her that her words are hurtful and that she would not nor ever has said anything hurtful or racist to anyone or about anyone. Oh I cannot wait for her to see some of the videos posted of her non-hurtful remarks said not just about but to houseguests. And pox on the Diary Room for doing that to Amanda. If she gets put up for what she did at their request she should be rewarded handsomely – and I do not mean in a Jeremy’s version of what is handsome. And my gaydar has really sharpened towards Nick. GinaMarie was laying all over him on the hammock last night and you could see how uncomfortable he was. At one point he had his own armpit in his face to try to twist away. She had one leg laying across his crotch and at one point while she was chattering away she stopped dead and looked at her leg.

Big Brother 15 (Possible Spoilers)

HOH comp will be QA based on the “royal titles” poll they ran Wednesday, and fallout from that could be fun after the adrenalin wears off and they realize how their public images are shaping up Update: Judd made the duckface part doubly literal, with a friend.. And remember to click “previous Hamsterwatch episode” at the top of any page to see what came before..

Helen took the third shift of talking to Aaryn and may have made a bit more progress there, even though Aaryn kept her arms folded throughout Later, GinaMarie went after her hair with a stick and it got stuck, thus setting a whole new bar for the ongoing Deathrace hair disasters race.. Raise your banners for House Dingo Some might see them more as Tywin Lannister or even Walder Frey, but they’re more the vehicle than any single player, so I’ve given them the coveted and swordsy seat of power over Studiociteros.

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One girl’s twistedly fantastic interpretation of what the hell is really going on inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. She gave us strategy, sex, titties, love, fights, tears, more fights, more tears, Granny, a genius idea for a t-shirt I’m A Victim , whispers, scandal, rumors all false , arguments and entertainment. Love her or hate her, Amanda is what Big Brother fans pine for. She was never boring, always unpredictable and deliciously unaware that a large number of cameras were following her around all summer long.

Never has a houseguest been more controversial or more talked about than Amanda Zuckerman. Let’s recap, shall we? Truth be told, I haven’t been watching much of the feeds lately. When the numbers dwindle and the likelihood that a completely undeserving player could possibly win the game, one suddenly finds themselves preoccupied with alphabetizing their can goods and catching up on all those shows they’ve been DVRing all summer long.

Paradise Row

She was going to throw it all away because she wasn’t winning. She was going to exit the game on Helen for pity reasons. If it ant going Elissa’s way, she whines about it and wants to quit every time. BB should tell her to get the fuck out. Elissa feels everyone is below her. She’s the person who thinks you’re raping her if you stand too close.

But what really got me up off my death-bed was Aaryn. First, she convinces Jeremy to steal the only bottle of wine in the house that everyone is saving for the .

Permalink Posted at 5: Amanda had proven all season that she lacks a filter of any kind, and her post-eviction attitude seemed to make Julie afraid to do her job. Amanda Zuckerman bullied her fellow houseguests into letting her have her way. Failure to get her way led to taunts and other pathetic displays of immaturity that would make any self-respecting teenage mean girl cringe in embarrassment for her. She constantly played victim and claimed that she was being bullied, as she was threatening people.

In a feeble attempt to appear as if she was doing her job, Julie gently inquired about the perception that Amanda was a bully, then let Amanda vehemently deny it, then let Amanda claim to hate bullying, and then let Amanda get away with contradicting herself by admitting that she bullied Elissa. Like Aaryn Gries, Amanda Zuckerman made many offensive comments while in the Big Brother house, but, unlike Aaryn, Amanda was not confronted about any of them. Nor was she confronted about the hypocrisy of her warnings to Aaryn about her comments leading to her being perceived as a racist.

Aaryn Gries was not treated unfairly by Julie Chen and CBS when she was confronted about her racist remarks because she should have been confronted, but it seems that she was not treated equally because Amanda Zuckerman should have been confronted as well. Her remarks to Julie during her post-eviction interview proved that she was too clueless to have gotten that far in the game without a lot of help, and, if her classless exit from the Big Brother house is any indication of what life is going to be like in the Jury House, then Amanda and Aaryn are in for a miserable time.

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Live feed updates, gossip, and other tidbits. Yes, I post spoilers. Last week they featured Elissa Slater and Nick Uhas in studio for an interview you can see that here but admit to having difficulties booking other guests. Apparently the AfterBuzz TV show has been very Pro-Elissa all season, which also means they are perceived to be Anti-Everyone Else, so they’ve been having issues booking guests, admitting McCranda refuses to speak to them.

I honestly think she might need to be institutionalized before she can hurt herself or others.

The 35th episode of Big Brother began with a recap of McCrae’s eviction. Andy admitted that he has back-stabbed everyone in the Jury House and that they may exchange notes and not vote for him.

Spencer saved himself with the POV he won on Saturday and Aaryn, as the person that nominated Spencer, got to name the replacement and put up Candice. Some people thought the 2nd highest MVP vote getter would have been nominated but that would only have happened in the case that Amanda had been saved by the POV. Amanda has been extremely paranoid since she went up for nomination on Saturday and she is convinced that Howard is the MVP and thus nominated her. Spencer meanwhile has been trying to get the votes together to vote Amanda out and thus keep both Howard and Candice safe.

Judd and Andy have lied to Spencer though and let him think they might be willing to flip and vote Amanda out. Because they are mostly loyal to Amanda, she knows that Spencer has been campaigning to get her out. Spencer lied and maintained that he was going after Candice. This is a discussion well worth checking out so if you have the Live Feeds tune in and watch. A couple hours later Candice, who had heard Spencer said he was voting for her, called a house meeting where she read Spencer the riot act.

Its another place to check out — point your player to 3pm to hear Candice bawl Spencer out in front of the entire house. The last event worth checking out is a bit controversial.

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Prior to entering the house, Aaryn had modeled for Maxim as a promotional model. She chose to target Elissa for eviction, blaming her for David’s exit. However, Elissa was granted that M. She kept her end of the bargain with Elissa and Helen, allowing them to control the nominations and orchestrate the eviction of Howard.

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Holiday Classics Re-Grooved This has been one of my favorite Christmas albums for many years now. Most of the songs remain faithful to the original with just an upbeat drum track underneath the vocals. The horns are terrific and Andy Williams is pretty awesome in general. This song adds a big old fun dancey drum beat and loops the orchestration.

The original is my least favorite Christmas song and the is my least favorite track here. I love the Nutcracker and this is just a an awesome way to add some other kinds of dance to it. A mellow ending to a righteous disc.

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The writer was a son of Henry. Major, retired wrote from Edinburgh Scotland in regarding his son, who had again deserted his wife and family there. WEBB of Cobden is interviewed and address supplied. Police interview the Andersons who report that he is a drinker and drug addict who only wants her address to get more money out of her, so police refuse to provide it. Arrived Melbourne and headed for the goldfields.

McCrae Olson. Season: hook up or anything. Jee Choe. CBS I’ll give Derrick props for winning but he has to go up against past Big Brother heavy-hitters before he’s ranked anywhere.

Some of you care way too much about what big brother houseguests will hook up. They seem obsessed with Haleigh hooking up with Brett, but if they paid attention they would know that’s never gonna happen. Haleigh made it clear she was into tall big guys, and if you look at some of her ex boyfriends, you see they all fit the same mold as Fessy. I think they cannot get over the fact that someone they did not like on the feeds, got the hot girl that they wanted to be with someone that they did like on the feeds.

I think Brett has as much chance of getting Haleigh as I do of winning the Powerball jackpot twice in the same year. They also seem obsessed with Tyler getting rid of Angela, and its only because they didn’t like Angela. They are trying to play fantasy match maker, and they don’t even know these people or how strong their relationships are. They think because they watched them on the feeds that they know them, but almost everyone that plays the game says the way they were in the house, is not how they are in the real world, and its because it an experiment that involves mind tricks that always makes people act out of character.

People just hate Fessy and they wanted her with Brett or Tyler because those pairings would look more “traditional”.

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Description May Born on this day, Irving Berlin, composer of many pop, stage show and film hits. He emigrated from Siberia to New York as a child. He died on September 22nd

Sunshine wrote:Some of you care way too much about what big brother houseguests will hook up. Weren’t you the one who’d check what twitter was saying about SG4E a couple years back and rushing to report everything here? Lol, not much of a leg to stand on. Sunshine wrote: Some of you care.

Champions , , , fack Member since Mar re: She took credit for getting Nick out. Hell, even Jesse took credit for that because they ALL wanted it. She persuaded McRae to get Jeremy out. It was because of Jeremy being too aggressive and telling the MC that Amanda needed to go because McCrae was getting too close to her. Amanda didn’t even know about the MC at that point. McCrae lied to her face about it actually. She has been wanting Howard out for two weeks now.

So has Helen, McCrae, and Judd. He’s the biggest threat in the house and is dying to get Amanda and Helen out. She’s already targeting Judd for next week has been for a few days So??? It probably won’t happen cause she’ll realize she doesn’t have the votes yet, and the house will take out the next biggest threat like Elissa or Spencer. But do you think Judd isn’t going to start targeting her at some point too?

It’s the nature of the game.

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This is really bad stuff and I’m not sure Allison is going to have a place to hide at the end of this season. There’s no way it’s a coincidence that 11 people out of the cast are this horrible. I’m not easily offended and an inappropriate word like “retard” will often get a pass from me, but it’s just the amount of hate speech in that house is beyond belief.

It was because of Jeremy being too aggressive and telling the MC that Amanda needed to go because McCrae was getting too close to her. Aaryn wouldnt even talk to him in real life. much less hook up with him. Big Brother 15 **SPOILERS** Posted by nicholastiger on 7/31/13 at pm to wish i .

She was here for ages.. Kiss me, Onion mouth. Elissa joins as well. Do you think Rachel’s watching the live feeds? If she’s commentating, maybe.. We’re either gonna have no more double evictions, and they bring someone back, or we’ll have another double eviction, and they wont bring anyone back. Elissa says goodnight and heads to bed. I wonder if they would compete to come back..

Lick it (Wednesday, 6/26)

You see I knew that since I knew that the primary reason for taking the drive was that I would be seeing Global Noize. That in and of itself was no big deal, since I have seen Global Noize perform many times. In fact I would dare say that I have seen Global Noize perform live more times than anyone reading this. They are perhaps one of the top artists that you can possibly see live if you are a fan of FUNK music. What made me anticipate this show so much is because I knew that they would be performing most, if not all of the songs from their innovative and highly acclaimed release called “Sly Reimagined.

Since I knew that I would be writing this review I wanted to do a comparison between the studio and the live versions of the album.

This exchange between the two ended up sparking a massive Twitter war between Amanda and a fan over the state of her relationship with McCrae. In a very weird twist, Amanda followed this up by.

Estee desperate attention whore postings DAW Level: We are going to play that ever-popular Catholic school teacher game, Blame The Jew! Has always had his hates: But still, she’s been clearly indicating her targets to all lip-readers: Amanda’s probably primary, but I don’t think GM might care all that much as long as one goes home.

She does seem intent on putting them up together from the start — and so far, Amanda has no idea of what’s coming: Amanda is spending most of her time attacking Elissa and, with the live broadcast concluded, Elissa is doing the same to Amanda. The only difference is the level of hypocrisy, which is much higher on Elissa’s end.

Elissa spent most of the night attached to GM.

Big Brother: Feed Clip: McCrae and Amanda Kiss