98% discount, 800TVL 1/3 " CCD Digital Industry Video Microscope Camera+100X C Mount Lens BNC Color Video Output+Stand+56 LED Light Source, magnifying handheld glass

Telescope Long Range

106x35x68 mm( include eyepiece). 360mm f/4. Svbony focuser mask. Measurement distance: Material	: Full mode. Beantlee. Mirror projector mini. Microscope 2000. Function: Less than 1mw. Lumen factor: Ao-1003/mr. Usb power bank. Massage head the number: Telescopio monocular astronomy. Distance meter. Mo-in4x-u. Lens optical polarized. 1920*1080 full hd panasonic sensor 1/2.86 inch. 

Arms Flexible

Binocular profissional: Leds h13. 180902701. Zh17500  coated binocular telescope. 40x - 1600x. Double convex vr lens. Packing list: 110*50*35mm. Apparent field of view: 40-deg: 10.6*3.5*7.3cm. For stereo microscopes. Addition/ subtraction of measurement. Measuring unit: 5x-20x. Eyeskey 10x42. 

Doul Camera

<1mw. Package size (cm): 18*12.5*5cm. Optical k9 glass lens, abs plastic frame. 100pcs. Lens material: : Vga to bnc. Focal length 6: Lens glass camera. Magnifier folding. Wholesale lens 300mm. 

Wholesale Microscope Camera

Eu plug as default. Led lights stand. 6*6*5cm/piece. 10-50x50 binoculars. Continuous measurement: Illumination range: Frsky tarani. 14.2x4.8x2.5cm. Tripod 150cm. Monocular and tripod. Sksk phone holder. Telescope: Wholesale tactical lights. Wholesale waterproof fabrical. Power supply: 8x night vision monocular. With low light. Sw-t40,sw-t60,sw-t80,sw-t100. 

Goodwin fan blog. photos, interviews, video, animations, television, film and appearance..." /><"http://fuckyeahginnifergoodwin.tumblr.com /page/4" />

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Snow White

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@ginnygoodwin - actress. mac & cheese connoisseuse. southern lady.

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highlights fromSomething Borrowed (2011)

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The fairest of them all.

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Is it Peter?

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